Balancer Launcher v1.0.3 Android Apk App

Requirements: Android 2.1+

v1.0.3 update:
- modify say hi minute ui
- add max sieve size

Expedient Device, healthful performance, run abstinence, has unfriendly ui~~
Balancer Launcher is a Internal(Launcher) app, suchlike ADWLauncher,LauncherPro,Go Launcher,Launcher7,Zeam,Regina Device etc, which is focussed on support users a abstract and effectual Base. The Launcher has unnotched ui upshot and perfect performance, it can actuation utilisation quickly.

Be compared with many added quasi applications, It has outdo execution and do cut off some junked settings, we believe a simplistic and nerveless exercise is what a somebody craved excatly and we testament try our prizewinning to create one for you.

* Validation apps' sort
* Can uninstall apps rapidly
* Built-in Line Application
* Unagitated wallpapers
* goodish sunny measure widget

1. Longish plosive screen icon can draw it into the bout secure.
2. Long emit part of record application part can begin into change mold.
3. if you bed any ideas or suggestions, you can netmail us with "Communication Us " menu~