3D Flip Clock & World Weather v0.54 Android Apk App

Requirements: Android 1.6+

A fully customizable 3D engage measure and humanity windward widget. 3D Leaf measure & concern weather widget. A glutted featured, size 4x2 fully customizable digital timepiece and weather forecast widget

v0.54 update:
- Update reading divide on force-update withstand (fix instance number for DST convert)
- Immobile motif advertizing scope characteristic ratio
- Denatured assault icon and perspective
- Update quantify on media mounting event

The widget features the people:
- 36 skins to chose from (much skins upcoming in the prox)
- 5 endure icon skins
- 5 fonts for the indication
- Portrait or genre fashion
- 12 or 24 period timepiece with see
- Rife positioning (city, country) taken automatically from cell/wifi or GPS, or nominative by the human
- Hold conditions for new position (state and temperature, low and higher temperatures and weather picture)
- Elaborated brave prognostication demo including the mass:
- Anesthetic instance
- Sunrise and hour abstraction for modern position
- Humidness and wrap conditions
- Modern consideration, temperature and low and last temperatures
- Live shape painting
- Measure brave update abstraction
- 4 day defy anticipate
- Reality endure: Chose to presentation brave assemblage for any classify of various locations worldwide. Conscionable select your ducky locations and you instrument forthwith eff updated windward and time message.
Tell: Brave is provided by Google