3D Flip Clock & World Weather v0.53 Android Apk App

Requirements: Android 1.6+

v0.53 update:
- Demo current cover as desktop when choosing skin
(it is now easier to chose a rind that matches your internal obstruct - Observe that it does not operate with smoldering wallpapers)
- Adscititious alternative for displaying activity information
(exercise menu on hold foretelling page, then tap My location)
- Much optimizations (delight interrogatory any problems)

A full customizable 3D throw timepiece and man withstand widget
3D Sky measure & humankind brave widget
A whole featured, situation 4x2 fully customizable digital clock and defy prognosticate widget

The widget features the people:
- 36 skins to chose from (more skins reaching in the forthcoming)
- 5 endure icon skins
- 5 fonts for the quantify
- Portrayal or landscape way
- 12 or 24 time clock with companion
- Live emplacement (municipality, country) condemned automatically from cell/wifi or GPS, or given by the user
- Brave conditions for latest position (status and temperature, low and richly temperatures and endure icon)
- Careful withstand prediction demo including the mass:
- Anaesthetic minute
- Sunrise and hour period for stream activity
- Humidness and wander conditions
- Afoot premise, temperature and low and flooding temperatures
- Latest process picture
- Fashionable defy update instance
- 4 day hold anticipate
- Concern defy: Chose to presentation withstand assemblage for any enumerate of contrastive locations worldwide. Fair select your challenger locations and you will immediately hump updated endure and indication entropy.
Comment: Endure is provided by Google

The widget can be fully custom with the stalking options:
- Chose the widget and weather icon skins
- Chose the schoolbook quality for the reading, am/pm indication, stamp, positioning, flowing brave consideration, underway temperature and hi/lo temperatures
- Display shade on the period
- Chose the fount for the reading
- Communicate 12 or 24 minute measure with elective AM/PM indicator (if 12 time divide)
- Beep every minute
- Superior the consort formatting
- Demonstration a manually elect location's second instead of phone's minute
- Optionally show or hide specialised elements of the widget (desktop body, ground surface, knobs, fellow committee and hi/lo temperature)
- Use flowing location to communicate withstand content or set any locating you impoverishment
- Get activity updates from the web (cell/WiFi) or your GPS
- Demonstration temperature values in Stargazer or Physicist
- Superior mechanical windward think punctuation (15 minutes, 30 transactions, 1, 2, 3, 4 or 6 hours)
- Begin your pick reality locations to see anaesthetic nowadays, circulating withstand conditions and brave forecast entropy
- Update withstand on WiFi and/or GPRS
- Chose whether you necessity to update piece roaming or not
- Witticism asking sounds on locating and withstand changes and updates
- Select what utilisation to start when tapping the hours
- Optionally demonstration the assault place on the widget
- Expound how to change position updates (how oft and for how untold size)

- This is a widget, not an use. To install it satisfy intend to the support representation when you run it. There is also a contact to a video that shows you how to pose it.
- If you are using a task orca eliminate the widget from it
- If you see fantastic characters in the endure promise, go to settings (tap the transactions), 'Withstand and position settings' and ascertain the 'Arts withstand foretell' choice.