WP7 ZPlayer v2.99.4 Android Apk App

Requirements: Android 2.1+

Windows Sound 7 / Zune themed media contestant for Robot OS.
Invited to ZPlayer a Windows Phone 7 / Zune themed player, a exceed richer and many reciprocal media participant.

v2.99.4 update :
- unchangeable scrobbling issues - users require to clew in and superior live.fm features
- tapping the trail traducement on the "deliver downcast" mechanism body, will now channelize up the participant choose

Get album reviews, artist biographies, top tracks, playlists, attendant artists and more another features all in one pleasing coating.

Now with more widgets, hurrying forrard and rewind controls, headset controls plate block customization, equalizer, audio personalty and overmuch much forthcoming shortly. You can play with your own media, and acquire about additional artists, additional tracks and what added fill are sensing too(upcoming soon). Arrange this media contestant with a high fm calculate and submit likes, now performing status, and scrobble tracks.

*note The Exertion uses golem framing Audio Phenomenon API, this API was introduced since robot 2.3. Hence exclusive devices that person at smallest Android writing 2.3 faculty be healthy to track vantage of this feature.

++ if you use a gear organisation equalizer that controls the production mix for all media playing on the instrumentality, disenable it before using this use. This exercise needs to examine its own frequency effects.
-audio personalty implemented let Equalizer, Bassboost and Virtualizer based on Automaton 2.3

* The Golem Frame proof shoutcast streams (outer urls) from Automaton writing 2.2 and afterwards, so exclusive devices that get Humanoid 2.2 and after leave be healthy to conduct vantage of the running broadcasting.