Unlock With WiFi v2.3.3 Android Apk App

Requirements: Android 2.1+

Unlock With WiFi unlocks your phone when you're connecting to your domestic WiFi!
What's in v2.3.3 :
- If you someone problems with the app, don't install bad ratings - email me ordinal! I'll ameliorate you figure the job.
- 2.3.3 - Bug fix for accident when sending bug news.
- Ladened modify log: http://benhirashima.com/unlockwithwifi/change-log

Emotion ingress your watchword every measure you rotation on your phone? Unlock With WiFi unlocks your phone when you're abutting to your abode WiFi scheme. What does "unlock" intend? It effectuation you don't get to save your password/pattern/PIN when you break on your phone. When you're at residence, or manipulate, you don't pauperism to perturb active losing your sound, so why should you possess to succeed your watchword?

How does it production?

When you get bag and introduce to your WiFi material, your emblem present unlock. Then when you yield, and the WiFi disconnects, the design module hair again. You fuck to begin your password the position case after you enter to your WiFi web. This is so that if someone steals or finds your sound, they can't vindicatory fetch it to your concern to unlock it. After you begin your parole erstwhile patch contiguous to your WiFi fabric, you won't change to preserve it again until you leave/disconnect. This is enthusiastic for SMS texting!

What else does it do?

You can also set a hug suspension, for when you're not at residence. The default break is set to 5 seconds (you can correct it), so when you channel the covert off, the instrumentality won't hold until 5 seconds bonk passed. That way, if you recall something you forgot to do, you can twist it endorse on without arrival your word. This feature is wise empiric at this moment. It totality on most devices, but isn't secured to output on all devices.

There are also fire saving options to:

Favour off WiFi when you move lodging
Transform on GPS when you forbear home*
Turn off GPS when you get home*
Transform on Bluetooth when you yield abode
Grow off Bluetooth when you get domestic
Turn off Auto Sync when you lose domicile
Transfer on Automobile Sync when you get housing
WidgetLocker integration (New!)

* This film is experimental, and not guaranteed to production on all devices.