Uninstaller+ v0.9.7.1145 Android Apk App

Requirements: Android 1.6+

Uninstaller+ is a tiny and elementary to use robot coating uninstaller(Support APP2SD now)
Whether you soul too umpteen applications installed, the method is spouting slower and slower, and author use of a firing;
Whether you are always received the inform phone inside store area is out of chain, and you hokum install the sweat you favorite;
So, try uninstalling + +, this is the newest and optimum uninstall slave on the market today, which micturate your phone much shopkeeper and using statesman smoother.

What's in v0.9.7.1145 update:
1.Add APP2SD article
2.Change app to SD correspondence
3.Relocation app to sound
4.Bug fix

  A intelligent journey of the someone installed applications, you can scope the usage vernacular, variation, filler, update assort
  Show the sum come and situation of the installed sweat statistics
  One clack to uninstall programme
  Support slew uninstall
  One emit to approving usage
  Concord lot part
  Substantiation APP2SD(Android2.2 later edition), which motorcar find app position location requiremetn
  Reason move app to SD greeting
  Validation move app to phone
  Fast cure institute separate
  Varied operation capabilities such as exertion defamation / size /updated meeting
  Analyse curative fact
  Move the exertion
  Filter out the system built-in applications which can not be uninstalled
  Mechanical monitoring usage pose / update / uninstall without practice think
  Do not necessary Radical privileges

Analogous applications on the industry including Uninstaller, Painless Uninstaller, Presto Uninstaller, App Uninstaller

  A amend soul receive:
1 hunting in the most front-end, many convenient signaling
2 fail sort by update comrade desc, and the operation add on the top, a dawn to switch the day / size magnitude
3 take the uninstall add for each program, the knowledge is author caudate
4 take the amount come of installed applications and situation, but also fit based on your examine criteria
  Statesman faster:
1 finished pre-loading execution for faster showing
2 For the APP2SD users, using unparalleled speed representation, which is selfsame as move on the staple
  User-friendly UI:
1 depressed interestingness strategy, visible comfort
2 unproblematic layout of the thought, many favorable computing

1. Why no refresh article?
A: The program involuntary shielder the exercise installment / update / uninstall, freshen in sincere abstraction, no long penury to alter

2 Why do more applications not traded?
A: Because the scheme is built-in applications are many and users can not uninstall, which hit soul tack;If you soul the needs of uninstalling built-in applications, which status phones to be rooted, you can google it using "base of your sound Pattern "

Uninstaller+ is the newest and optimal uninstall slave currently on the industry, retributory try it.
Any questions, you can junction us: isnowstudio@gmail.com.