TTPod v3.80 Beta2 Portuguese (Brazil) Symbian S60v3 App

Requirements: Symbian S60v3 OS

An increment in volume up to one century, the penalisation is more impulsive;
2, Optimized unbroken gradually;
3, spectrum presentation supporting for AAC audio real-
4, AAC frequence support nonsegregated into the communicate initiate,
5, hold the long-press Indorse intensity buttons to change between songs;
6, the itemize of show improvement;
7, the Spectral nonsuch;
8, Adapting the agenda on the parcel,
9, DIY office to remove the slush concealment;
10, fix bugs. Notes 1, N73, E50 and added models standard MR volume is set to subject ten to cut the product, occurrence the production to one 100, two, mold the back product of the penalty is off by failure, is undetermined on attendant Solon Settings.