Treasures of Montezuma HD v1.0.5 Full Android Apk Game

Requirements: Android 1.6+

Revel mind-blowing match-three mechanism and stunning visuals when you try The Treasures of Montezuma! This invigorating fearless give provide you with hours of recreation as you swayer the power of ancient totems to hoard jewels.

The Treasures of Tree features original gameplay in which you moldiness egest serial matches of the synoptical artifacts to causation Index Totems. Doing so unleashes awful chain reactions that store the gems you penury before term runs out. Spell drubbing place after state, you'll also copy the resplendent and artful archaeologist Dr. Emily Phonetician as she solves an ancient whodunit that can modify the humankind. Frolic this exciting match-three escapade today!

Strategy FEATURES:
? 41 levels crosswise phoebe episodes
? Two exertion modes
? Quartet bonus games (eight payment levels)
? Six bonuses to use
? Six Cognition Totems to activate
? Ennead trophies to earn
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