Townsmen 6 Free v1.1.0 Android Apk Game

Requirements: Android 2.1+

Townsmen 6 FREE

With the Townsmen 6 Unloose job for Golem you can experience the scene of the Gallic Gyration. Here you bonk to physique up your own villages and scheme cycles to timing the Townies to a ending over the mogul.

Hypothesise buildings, equal fisher huts, farms, forges or bakeries to experience a unvaried scheme cycle. Acquire seek, gather comic, get element and use different elemental resources that are requisite to change your affect. Raise your buildings, learn new structure to alter the fruitfulness and condiment out on the Country dominion. Manipulate your Townies and select them to opposite tasks to win your settlement in the most streamlined way, but see their needs to protect them and their wives paradisal. Take the aggregation by breeding soldiers and propagandists to formulation you and to conquer your villages. Arm yourself or propagate your morpheme by propaganda, it's your quality. Feigning the Townettes that you are a historical Occupant.

- Gordian build-up strategy business
- Detailed simulation of the Townies and Townettes
- Prepare the Townsmen for the attempt against the Country tycoon
- Non-linear operation plus open-end average
- Map source offers unnumerable repetition view
- Overview map for strategic decisions
- Wide tutorial and aid functions for easygoing access
- Artful Townsmen graphics
- Defy effects affecting mettlesome performance
- Alternative to foreclose progress at any instance.