Tap Fish v1.25 Android Apk Game

Requirements: Android 2.0+

Tap Seek now on Golem!
Welcome to Tap Seek, you are only taps gone from owning triplex aquariums, where you can resolve what fish to colour, to deceive, and to derivation!

What's in v1.25 update:
- Qualified breedables!
- Usability improvements (small delete cell add)

Rise attractive baby Joke Seek, exploit them to see them colour, and modify your tanks with foreign tropical plants and sea reefs. Unproblematic and uncomplicated as 1-2-3. (Don't bury to light your tanks!)
But what do you get when you couple?
Puffer + Comedian Seek = ?
Piranha + Xanthous Longnose = ?
Bowery Sea Agamid + Longfin Bannerfish = ?

* Hundreds of foreign marine aliveness including soul whales, sharks and bite rays
* buy, give, bed, sell and revive your fish to increment get
* Reproduce your seek to your spirit accumulation and for histrion coins
* Surface up to 80 tanks and 80 levels
* Rafts of backgrounds including Atlantis and Stonehenge Aweigh!
* Hundreds of decorations and plants: sea reefs, caves, mermaids, swamped board and castles!
* Call / cleanly soul's tanks and steady up to transform "featured" soul tanks.