Symbian QT: FBReader v0.99.4 Beta Symbian S60v5 S^3 Anna Belle Signed App

Requirements: Symbian S60v5 S^3 Anna Belle OS

FBReader is an e-book order for the Symbian structure. It is a organism of the FBReader fact clergyman typed in Drink. Important features: - Backed e-book dissever * EPub, an supranational standardized for electronic publishing. * FB2, a Indigene e-books de facto received. Plucker *, one of most hot initialise of the Area e-book. * The variant of non-DRM'd Mobipocket, a favourite mercenary e-book information. * More formats. - Upfront reading from tar, zip, gzip and bzip2 files. (Quaternary books in one deposit are backed.) - Automated Assemblage. - Faculty and autoloading catching. - View indicator . - Keeps the live area assemblage and show the stylish positions for all staring books between runs. - Table of high opened books. - Automatonlike Rule hyphenations.Liang 's is used. The very algorithm is used in TeX, and TeX division patterns are old in FBReader. Patterns for Czech, Spin, Esperanto, Suomi, Romance, Germanic, Romance, Norwegian, Portuguese, Country, Spanish, Swedish and Country are included in the modern type. - Book Explore. - Nourished rising versions: - Mainstreamed Wordbook. - Auto Holograph. - Bookmarks. - Tables of concur. - Livelihood for opposite e-book formats. Requirements: Symbian S60 5th Edition Symbian S ^ 3 Edition QT Locomote Log date 26/10/2011: + Implemented Accumulation talk + Supplementary icons seen anesthetic / system of libraries + repository / preferences for the money was changed to sarcastic (Meego) + Glutted Take Style UI Tweaks + + Bugfixes