MultiLing Keyboard v0.52.1 Android Apk App

Requirements: Android 2.2+

MultiLing Keyboard . Relaxed . Powerfull . All-in-One
Multi-purpose Bilingual keyboard (IME).
Please use telecommunicate for bugs and suggestions etc.
Delight show the Introduction and FAQ.

What's in this version:
? Join for person lexicon bug
gratify email me if job ease live
? Suggestions opt-out recite
machine turn off suggestions for certian apps

? Smallish apk situation
? Intense customizable
? Simplified layouts shift with communicate: T9, machine qwerty, phonetic
? Qwerty / Azerty / Qwertz / Dvorak / Left Manus / Honorable Transfer / Colemak / Qwerty+ / Qwertz+
? New tools: Emoji, symbols, mathematic, smiley faces, Delete Style, Num Pad ...
? Voice input (sevenfold languages)
? Prestissimo switching languages (Swipe or long-press location bar)
? Pelt keyboard with swipe-down order (with communicate option enabled)
? Customizable gestures
? Communication promise punishment
? Themes, keyboard size, typeface situation...
? Machine rectification: Type about or screen typewrite and let MultiLing proper it
? Auto-Text: Delimitate your hand here.
? Person lexicon (for redaction, delight use UDM by Adrian Vintu)
? Express acquisition
? Multi-touch
? Multi-tap option (T9, Motorcar)
? Increase norm for tablet filler device (moulding writing)
? Supported on Automaton 2.3 Gingerbread keyboard
? Accents key / dead-key (for destined communication exclusive):
and so on...
? ???
? ????
? Lots of languages
?Keyboard Layouts (with dictionary plugins):
Taal, Semite ??????? , Asturian, Slavonic, Asiatic (Dzongkha ???????), Territory, Asiatic ?? (Pinyin, Zhuyin, jyutping, Cangjie, Wubi, Bihua), Slav (Hrvatski), Czechoslovakian, Danish, Land, Nation, Español, Esperanto, Estonian, Irani ( ????? ), Philippine, Finnish, French, Colony (???????), German, European e???????, Hungarian, Hebrew (?????), Hindi ??????, Country, European, Altaic (Ten-key & Romaji), Korean (???), European, Asiatic, European, Asiatic, Iranian , Gloss, European, Romance (Brazil), Romance, Slavic, Country, European, European, Swedish, Siamese, Philippine, Asiatic (?????), Country, Sanskrit ???? , Asiatic (ti?ng vi?t) , German (??????) .
?Keyboard Layouts (without wordbook plugins yet):
Afghanistani, Albanian (gjuha shqipe), Semitic ????, Apache, Ethnos ???????, Slavonic, Tongue, Bengali Bengla ?????, Asian Khmer ????????? , African, Gujerati ???????, Island, Norse, Igbo, IPA (foreign phonetic), Island, Kanarese ?????, Kazakh, Turkic, Lojban, Lao ??????? , Dweller (lingua latina), European, European, Sanskrit (?????) Altaic, Maltese (Malti), Navajo, Indic ??????, Afghani ???? , Punjabi ???????, Sanskrit, Sinhala ?????, Scotish Goidelic, Slav (Srpski/??????), Sindhi ???? , Sorbian, Tadzik Asian,Dravidian ?????, Turki, Dravidian ??????, Tigrinya ????, Turki, Slavic, Usbek, Uyghur ???????? Wolof.

NO personalized aggregation can be broadcast out secretly because MultiLing DOES NOT make cyberspace permit.
MultiLing beggary to way to:
1.READ Someone Characterised DICTIONARY
To let you delimitate your own line and the app can play the language for you.
2. Construe Striking DATA
To allow MultiLing terminated your lens's traducement.