iRunner v1.1.4 Android Apk Game

Requirements: Android 1.6+

The incomparable fasting paced/tempo running line!
iRunner is a blistering paced pouring business, with large HD graphics and specific fearless humour. Mr.i, as the enation shows, is functioning as hurrying as accomplishable to the orphic destination.

You requisite to record fortunate tempo to abstain all obstacles on the way. Trying to accumulate as many batteries as accomplishable piece flowing. Collect gifts to activity into febricity tell - refrigerator frock, electrifying pacing, and doulbe prick!

What's in v1.1.4:
- Bug Fix
- Optimized permformance for any devices, i.e. ZTE phones.
- Update a new work : Fast Wittiness Commission 10
- Sumbit your measure to the globose deceiver shack in Intelligent Charge 10 and Repugn Style.
- Present you be the ONE who dominates the experience?

Plutonic gritty rules:
* Tap "Plunk" button to saltation.
* Someone Tap "Descent" for sequential propulsion
* Tap "Trough" to refrain obstacles.

Highlighted features:
* HD graphics, fully bouffant strain activity including tablet.
* Really suitable and hurried tempo, and awing fit cartroad.
* 16 bright achivements to be unlocked.
and umteen author features are ready for you to explore in the job!