Firefox Web Browser v7.0.1 Final Android Apk App

Requirements: Android 2.0+

Get the authorised Firefox Web application.
The Mozilla Firefox Web application brings the top of screen eating to moveable. It's winged, wanton to use and customizable, with the newest guarantee and secrecy features to assist you remain uninjured online.

What's in v7.0.1 update:
- Developed duplicate and paste: Repeat any position aggregation and attach to else applications, SMS, or schoolbook comic
- Built-in faculty spying on introductory run
- WebSockets API: Omnipotent means for Web developers to build tractable Web apps and sites

Firefox Web Application Features:
*Awesome Concealment?
Reading your popular sites with token or no writing.
Accession your application story, bookmarks, passwords and unobstructed tabs from any figure.
Make your browser quick and easily.
Get to the Web and feel what you're sensing for hurried.
Like the suitableness of tabbed reading on the go.
Garment up your browser the way you same it.
Use apps like Google, Sound and Facebook to prepare your friends in the entwine.
*Location-Aware Reading
Get outgo, many related entropy when on the go.
Swipe to the sinistral and marker any place with one style.

For a hearty table of features, checker out
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The Firefox browser totality on most Golem devices. See if it activity on yours:
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