Elixir 2 Donate v2.5.2 Android Apk App

Requirements: Android 2.1+

Do you want to jazz everything about your instrumentality? Try Elixir 2 and its widgets! Elixir 2 is a system entropy coating with highly configurable widgets.

Loved: is a graphical artist out there who could create respectable remove icons for widgets to aspect improve?

What's in this edition:
- Next signal widget: opens the alarms check instead of associate settings
- Resuscitate switch: prime identify a new Shutdown option
- Statusbar painting can representation intimate store utilization
- Gimmick collection: the telephony row can pass collection nigh WiMAX cloth if visible
- Squirting processes: processes can be regulated by mesh traffic or stream mesh traffic
- Displays assemblage open in Android 3.*
- Bugfixes (statusbar widget freshen problem secure)
- details: http://bartat.hu

- gaping system screens easily from one gauge
- displays assemblage near fire, inner and external store (sd book), cpu, hardware, telecom, wifi, bluetooth, locating, exhibit, airplane style, synchronisation, frequence, camera, camcorder, signaling devices, progress, operative scheme, settings, design, clipboard, environs variables, features, potable group properties, joint libraries
- transfer settings (luminance, block timeout, production, signaller modality), do actions (mount/unmount sd, liquid fund, start bluetooth brainstorm, ambit emplacement, ...), recede things on/off (apn, wifi, bluetooth, auto-brightness, motion, ...) on info covering
- displays installed applications: write, data and buffer filler, cloth traffic; start, uninstall, take cache, displace to sd, pioneer applications by labels
- displays working processes / services / tasks: pid, cpu utilization, store employment, aggregate cpu, system interchange, looking logs of a transmute, negative interference processes
- displays sign of the top linux dictation
- shortcuts to widgets, effort labels or Elixir screens
- statusbar painting can presentation memory/battery/cpu/internal hardware via circle/bar/percent/elixir/transparent icons
- displays device substance, activity sensors on/off, mike
- generating and sending reports
- perspective online validation from the app
- displays logcat/dmesg logs

- double widget sizes, apiece can be incapacitated
- miniscule widget icons, up to 7*7 icons per block.
- give widget from shortcuts, put to the request region or to the domicile strain.
- widget action strainer
- alter widget icons by icon packs
- varied widget backgrounds, tailored touch, duty accentuate simulacrum, changeable transparentness
- unlike painting sizes
- locomote marque position/color/size, hide labels
- backup/restore widget definitions
- alter person, declare, regenerate rate of widget types.