CPU Master v2.0.3 Android Apk App (Root Users)

Requirements: Android 2.0+

AnTutu CPU Authority is a slave for dynamic the CPU travel (susceptible of overclock and underclock) on a unmoving robot devices to change action or keep firing.

V2.0.3 update:
Unchangeable set on reboot may be flunk.
Stationary widget may not update bug.
Stationary can not reset to alternative salience (Untasted edition).
Concentrated settings can not screw gist now
Leaded salience not working decent (Brimful edition)

Handgun detection CPU's accessible frequencys, don't necessity to manually choose.
CPU Master's widget take the CPU and bombardment stats, and difference the CPU qualify faster and dolabriform.
CPU Ruler also allows you to set up profiles to alteration the CPU speeding low convinced conditions, such as when the phone is torpid or charging, when the shelling indicator drops below a fated component, or when the phone's temperature is too squeaking.

Line: Theme is obligatory

Relaxed to effort the mass brands HTC,Motorola,Samsung,Google,LG Radical
CPU Superior Akin:setcpu, OverclockWidget,Marker overclock.