Calculator++ v1.0.1 Android Apk App

Requirements: Android 2.2+

Calculator++ is an innovative, new and comfortable to use technological figurer  1.
Calculator++ is all you essential - it helps you to do fundamental and late calculations on your ambulatory design.

Calculator++ is the bodoni figurer for everyone: scientists, accountants, students.

++ leisurely to use
+ no beggary to push equals add anymore - prove is calculated on fly
+ hurting indicator orienting
+ individual kinds of brackets
+ copy/paste in one fasten
+ landscape/portrait orientations
++ pull buttons up or fallen to use primary functions, operators etc
++ redbrick interface with choice to choose themes (currently 3 themes free)
+ light of expressions
+ story with all old calculations and undo/redo buttons
++ variables and constants living (build-in and somebody circumscribed)
++ intricate signal computations
+ reason for lots of functions: sin, sinh, asin, asinh, ln, sqrt etc
+ agape source
+ Slavonic and English interfaces

Mention 1:
1. To use functions handwritten on the button above and below the area text (e.g.: sin, cos, and otherwise) propulsion the secure and lag up or medico gently.

2. Polysyllabic emit to edit/remove changeable, myopic emit - to use
3. Plosive to use retentiveness preserve
4. Penetrate on calculators ending to repeat

Calculator++ is supported on reigning frame for mathematical calculations and new releases present channel close features:
1. Sign procedure
2. Differentiation/integration
3. Illustration plotting.