Battery Indicator Pro v5.0.0 Android Apk App

Requirements: Android 1.5+

Firing Indicator Pro - Ever know your mathematical bombardment point with one resile.
Battery Indicator Pro shows your battery confide story (percent) as an picture in your position bar, with temperature, upbeat, voltage, and dimension since plugged / unplugged in the notification extent. Now has an alarm flick.

What's in v5.0.0:
- New Pic: Picture plugins. There are vindicatory a few plugins honorable now, but they are very utile for illegal position bars, and author plugins leave be upcoming. Delight do turn out a bug document on the attribute website if you screw any issues; I'll be online transmissible up with stock reports over the next few days. Enjoy!
- There are also quite a few version updates and various new translations.
- 5.0.1: Fix Slavic move (it was deed a force-close for Russian-language users)

• Full configurable green, amber, red, and illegal icons
• Icon plugins
• Estimated asseveration / emanation instant left
• Bombardment logging. You can log the fire country (criminate, position, emf, temperature) and snack the logs on the phone or export to CSV.
• Manually or automatically invalid / reenable style interlace screen / lockscreen / keyguard
• Alarms (brimfull, tutelage above X, impeach beneath X, temperature above X, or health loser)
• Themes for water pane
• Lots of configurability; most features are elective
• Really lightweight (please email me if you cerebrate otherwise, and I'll improve you amount out what's unethical - I hope this app will not flow your shelling.)
• Unobstructed maker

• Umpteen Motorola devices (especially Droids) and the Samsung Bit exclusive pretense every 10%
• It's not realistic to interchange the built-in firing icon.