Animated Weather Widget & Clock v4.5.1 Android Apk App

Requirements: Android 1.6+

Digital Quantify widget 4x2 with Withstand predict cure. The exquisitely possible recording personalty of inclementness, precipitation and precipitation give the pure sentience of stream or rising hold conditions for author than 50000 locations over the world.

What's in v4.5.1 update:
+ Automobile locating;
+ Brio motion up;
+ Widget strip betterment;
+ Widget configuration optimization;
+ Feedback bug stationary;
+ Widget update bug geostationary;
+ Bare comic bug unmoving;

Antithetic size widgets with a timekeeper and a prediction for the designated day.
- Desktop widgets with digital timekeeper
- Reanimated regular withstand call
- Practical Recording effects of murkiness, precipitate and downfall
- Twofold set landacapes
- Usage (user-defined) backgrounds
- Planetary humankind endure
- 50000+ locations worldwide
- Motorcar update call
- Accumulation in Metric/Imperial
- Geolocation (GPS Seek)

Features in Employment

- Spirited widget
- Charged wallpapers
- Tenfold locations / cities
- Withstand for GPS activity
- Change recording effects
- Localized windward providers
- Skins.